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Process Art Faciliation - Family Constellations - Therapy 

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IN-SIDE art: focuses on the experience of creativity rather than the product. I allow processes of playing with ideas, exploring materials and methods, taking advantage of accidents, cooperation of ideas, trial and error, and allowing discoveries and insights, and valuing your own uniqueness. 

Individual, couple or family therapy: I believe that therapy is a process of self discovery where we grow in understanding ourselves so that we can make more conscious choices that promote healing and personal growth, instead of automatically repeating the same unhelpful patterns that keep us trapped.

Family Constellations: drawing on systemic theory, trans generational and contextual understanding Angela uses family constellations and systemic constellations observation skills to her therapeutic work, looking for patterns and acknowledging what is and what has been excluded.

If you wish to explore your relationship to self, other or work, journey inside yourself with me through these processes, please reach out and contact me directly!

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